Would you like to feel comfortable and cozy in your clothing, and at the same time look elegant?

Ctenus may have just the wardrobe for you! Ctenus clothing is gentle to the body and pleasant to the eye.

Why this combination of comfort and elegance?


My name is Alena Valova and  I’d like to explain why Ctenus fashion came to being.

Well, there are 2 reasons: one is the inspiration that emerged from my artistic nature (I am a graphic designer, artist, and a lover of all beauty), and the second reason was the actual need for comfortable clothing. Yes, the need! Even though my job wasn’t physically demanding, as I was getting older I started to experience unusual health issues. First of all, wearing any form of tighter clothing all day long became painful and frustrating as I was experiencing internal inflammation almost every day.  Not only after a meal, but even the exposure to different chemicals (as common as incents, perfumes or cleaning detergents) inflamed my whole body. Clothing then would make me feel confined like I was being tied with a number of seatbelts. On top of that, certain materials would easily irritate my skin taking my concentration off the work tasks. I could not wait to make it home, so I can slip into my baggy, raggy,  but so comfortable, shirts and sweatpants.

If this scenario is familiar to you, you will love Ctenus clothing. If you wear it to work you will feel like you are wearing a house or sports outfit, but you will look elegant.

How are the comfort and elegance achieved?

1. Ctenus brand is all about the simplicity and therefore chooses black as the dominant colors for its products.

2. Clothing is enhanced with beautiful ornamental images – my original artwork.  They are printed as black-on-black print, enhanced with glitter.

3. Ctenus product is made out of a natural material, which feels incredibly soft to touch and also durable. (see material in “About” page)

4. Patterns are designed to fit loosely but are not baggy so the outfit gently follows the body curves. 

5. The comfort and the perfect fit will also be soon assured by an additional pattern adjustment for unusual body shapes. More on body shape sizing click here.